Raleigh Criminal Attorney

Raleigh Embezzlement Lawyer

If you are aware or suspect that you are being investigated for embezzlement in the Raleigh area, contact a Raleigh criminal lawyer immediately. It is in your best interest to appoint a lawyer before you speak with law enforcement officials. If you have already been arrested, remain silent until you consult with a criminal lawyer.

North Carolina categorizes embezzlement as a white collar crime. The legal definition of embezzlement is any crime involving the misappropriation of funds entrusted to an individual for economical gain. It is a form of larceny and carries heavy penalties under North Carolina state law.

Many clients make the mistake of trying to fix whatever they have done and clear their own names without the help of an attorney. This can actually help the prosecution build a stronger case more likely to result in a conviction. If you believe that you may have committed the crime of embezzlement, speak to an attorney before doing anything else.

Our Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Does Thorough Investigations

It is not uncommon for clients to make such mistakes without knowing that what they did was a crime. In order to get an embezzlement conviction, the prosecution must prove that the defendant hid the money or property without the owner’s consent and that the defendant never intended to give the property back to the owner. Your Raleigh criminal lawyer will investigate every aspect of your case to determine the best course of action to get the lightest sentence possible.

If you believe that you or your loved could have possibly committed the crime of embezzlement or has been accused of doing so, contact us immediately for your consultation today.