Raleigh Criminal Attorney

Raleigh Misdemeanor Attorney

A misdemeanor in the state of North Carolina is punishable by fines, probation, time in jail, and other consequences. Our firm of Raleigh criminal lawyers can represent any criminal misdemeanor case such as DUI, theft, juvenile crime, disorderly conduct, and much more.

While a person charged with a misdemeanor can represent him or herself in court, it is in the best interest of any defendant to appoint a criminal lawyer. A Raleigh criminal lawyer will have years of experience working with the Raleigh justice system, its judges and prosecutors.

In the state of North Carolina, a misdemeanor offense will open up a public criminal record and count as a priorable offense. This means that if you are convicted of another crime in the future, your prior misdemeanor(s) will be used by the prosecutor to increase your punishment. This public criminal record could also result in the loss of educational opportunities and the loss of future employment, especially for juvenile defendants.

Consult a Raleigh Criminal Attorney Before Pleading Guilty

Many defendants feel that they should just plead guilty to a misdemeanor offense and take whatever punishment is handed to them. While you are completely within your rights to plead guilty, it is not uncommon for a skilled and experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer to get a case dismissed for reasons that a defendant may be unaware of such as police misconduct or breech of protocol.

If you or your loved one is facing a misdemeanor charge in the Raleigh area, contact our firm of Raleigh criminal lawyers today for a consultation regarding your case.