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Raleigh Vandalism Attorney

While a crime like vandalism may not seem like such a big deal, merely being accused of a crime can change your life forever. Vandalism is the intentional destruction of property – can you really afford to have such a reputation as someone who destroys other people’s things?

If you or your loved one has been charged for vandalism, contact us immediately to meet with a leading Raleigh criminal lawyer.

In Raleigh, any act of vandalism can be punished by:

Most vandalism cases are charged as misdemeanors, but felony vandalism can result in even harsher penalties.  But our Raleigh criminal attorney’s goal is to have your charges dismissed, not just plea them down or attempt a negotiation.

Our clients can trust that we will thoroughly investigate each individual case, and that if indeed a crime was committed, we will fight for a fair trial and a fair sentence. Remember that even as a defendant, you have rights.

At the very beginning of your case you will need the legal mind of an experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer to craft an aggressive defense. Appoint a lawyer that understands not just what it takes to win a vandalism case, but one that understands the life consequences associated with being accused of a crime. Our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers is a team you can trust to handle your case with care. Contact us today for an immediate consultation regarding your case.