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It’s a scary thing for any parent to get a call from a police station saying that their child has been arrested. If this has happened to you, please do not delay in contacting a Raleigh criminal attorney immediately.

Our firm of leading criminal lawyers can represent any case of juvenile misconduct such as:

Our Criminal Attorney is Commited to Defending Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile crimes occur every day across all criminal categories. But they do all have one thing in common---a child’s freedom and future at stake. No matter what the crime was or why the crime was committed, juvenile defenders deserved to be treated fairly and dealt with justly under the law. The severity of any sentence depends on the crime committed, however our criminal attorneys have ample experience helping teens and young adults get the help they need to turn their lives around as opposed to spending time in a jail cell.

Parents and juvenile offenders need to understand that in the state of North Carolina, they can be tried as an adult if the crime committed is severe enough. And although a North Carolina child’s record will be sealed at age 16, you will still need an experienced legal mind to help your child through their case and get the best sentence possible.

If your child has been arrested for a crime, contact us today to consult with a Raleigh criminal lawyer immediately.