Raleigh Criminal Attorney

Raleigh Murder Defense Lawyer

If you or your loved one is arrested on suspicion of murder, contact our firm of Raleigh criminal lawyers as soon as possible. We can represent any case of homicide including:

Any one of these charges carries very severe consequences. In the case of vehicular homicide, be sure to contact our offices shortly after your arrest, as the outcome will depend on the investigation into the details of the accident. In the case of first and second degree murder a defendant will be sentenced to death or life in prison without the possibility of parole.

Hiring A Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Is Critical to Your Case

Where a criminal lawyer becomes vitally important in such cases is the negotiations process with the prosecution. Your Raleigh criminal lawyer may be able to make a deal with the prosecution for a plea bargain to lesser charges in exchange for less time in prison and the possibility of parole. Especially in the cases where a death sentence is likely to be handed down, our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers will exploit every asset to be found in North Carolina law to receive a lesser sentence for our clients.

If the prosecution or law enforcement has made any sort of mistake regarding your case, you can be assured that our team of Raleigh criminal defense lawyers will bring these mistakes to the judge and jury. We will fight aggressively for the least amount of punishment possible and ensure that you, our client, will be treated fairly according to the law. Contact our firm immediately for your consultation today.