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Raleigh White Collar Crime Attorney

If you know that you are being investigated for a white collar crime, contact one of our Raleigh criminal attorneys as soon as possible to discuss how our firm can help you.

White collar crimes are defined as any crime committed by a government official or corporate worker for financial gain. These crimes are non-violent in nature, and usually include some sort of fraud such as tax fraud, ponzi schemes, insider trading, housing and mortgage fraud, telemarketing fraud, credit card fraud, and much more.

In the typical white collar crime, there are multiple individuals involved in a single crime, and some of them may not even know that what they are doing is a crime. If this is your case, it is critically important that you peak to a criminal lawyer immediately to avoid becoming the scapegoat. In some cases, a white collar crime may be the workings of multiple businesses across state or even national lines. Oftentimes the masterminds of a white collar crime such as board members, CEOs, and investors may try to fault lesser parties in an attempt to get away with their schemes.

You Need a Knowledgeable Raleigh Criminal Lawyer

In the event that you are suspected to be complicit in a white collar crime, you will need a knowledgeable Raleigh criminal defense attorney to navigate the dense and complicated legislation and trial process that comes along with a white collar crime.

The penalties and consequences of being convicted of a white collar crime can include prison time, astronomical fines, government possession of funds, audits, lost assets, and loss of professional reputation. Your Raleigh criminal lawyer will fight on your behalf and get you the justice you deserve. Contact us today for an immediate consultation.