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Probation Violations

If you suspect that you or your loved one has violated your probation agreement, contact a Raleigh criminal lawyer immediately to avoid going to jail.

If you violated any of the following requirements, you may have violated your probation:

Our Raleigh Criminal Attorney Provides Strong Defense

Depending on the terms of your probation and the circumstances of your probation violation, a judge may decide to:

A probation violation does not necessarily equate to criminal activity. If a client is fired from a job for instance and is trying to find employment, a lawyer can help you petition the judge for more time to find work. A member of our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers will work diligently to investigate the specifics of your probation sentence and work with the judge to minimize any punishment.

Don’t land yourself back in jail without a proper defense. Contact us for an immediate consultation regarding your criminal case today.