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As in other states, theft in the state of North Carolina is not charged as “petty larceny” or “grand larceny.” Rather, each case of theft will be charged as larceny and then sentenced according to the severity of the situation and the value of that which was stolen.

An act of theft can concern:

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In the state of North Carolina, larceny sentences are determined according to the following:

If an item was stolen directly from someone else, if the defendant was armed, or if the defendant stole a firearm or an explosive, that defendant will be charged with a felony irregardless of the value of the goods.

For a misdemeanor charge, probation and fines are an alternative option as opposed to jail time. Our Raleigh criminal lawyers can work with the prosecution and the judge to negotiate a plea bargain deal that will minimize the amount of time a client will have to spend in jail or prison if it is determined that an act of larceny was even committed.

Upon hiring one of our criminal attorneys, your case will be investigated thoroughly to determine if the prosecution has enough evidence to make a larceny charge stick through a trial.

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