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Felony crimes by their very definition are punishable by time served in state prison. In the state of North Carolina however, there are no standardized felony sentences. Each crime is judged and sentenced according the type of crime, severity, and the criminal history of the defendant.

This is good news for defendants, especially if they have appointed a skilled Raleigh criminal lawyer to represent their case. Our firm of Raleigh criminal attorneys can represent any felony case.

Our Raleigh Criminal Attorney Defends:

Upon appointment, your Raleigh criminal lawyer will interview you, any witnesses, and review any case files to assemble all of the details necessary for a good defense. Our firm of lawyers will prepare for any potential charges that can be added to a defendant or any possible deals and plea bargains that can be entered.

The average citizen is not very well versed in the laws of our state. Thus, being arrested for a felony crime can be very overwhelming for defendants and their families. By selecting one of our Raleigh criminal lawyers to defend your case, you can rest assured that it will be handled with respect and care. Remember that even as the accused in a crime, you still have rights.

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