Sex Crime

Merely being accused of a sex crime can change your life forever. A conviction will result in a long prison sentence followed by a life of being followed and monitored constantly. If you or your loved one has been arrested or is a suspect in a sex crimes case, contact us immediately to meet with a leading Raleigh criminal lawyer.

A sex crime is any crime involving sexual misconduct. A Raleigh criminal lawyer can represent any type of sex crime including but not limited to:

The mere thought of a sex crime is emotional to say the least. Sometimes witnesses will claim that they saw things that they really didn’t. Sometimes clients are just in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers will remain calm and collected at all times to help navigate our clients through this troubling process.

Our clients can trust that we will thoroughly investigate each individual case, and that if indeed a crime was committed, we will fight for a fair trial and a fair sentence. Remember that even as a defendant, you have rights.

Because the definition of a sex crime is so broad, sex crimes laws can be dense and confusing. At the very beginning of your case you will need the legal mind of an experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer to craft an aggressive defense. Appoint a lawyer that understands not just what it takes to win a sex crimes case, but one that understands the life consequences associated with being accused of a sex crime. Our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers is a team you can trust to handle your case with care. Contact us today for an immediate consultation regarding your case.