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A parole sentence is granted for any convicted offender deemed competent enough to be released back into society under supervision. Failing to adhere to or deliberately breaking any measure of a parole sentences is a one-way ticket back to prison. Statistically speaking, parole violators make for a significant portion of the state prison population. If you or your loved has violated your parole sentence, contact one of our Raleigh criminal lawyers immediately to begin working with the court system to prevent a ride back to prison.

A parole violation could include any of the following:

Our Raleigh Criminal Attorney Will Defend Your Case

Our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers understands that a violation of parole does not necessarily mean that you were involved in criminal activity. If a client has a family with young children or an elderly parent for instance and one of those family members gets sick, this could cause the client to miss a meeting with their parole officer. This is not exactly a high profile crime, but it is still a parole violation. An experienced Raleigh criminal lawyer will work diligently with the judge on your behalf.

Our Raleigh criminal attorneys have ample experience working with the prosecution and the court system to get the fairest sentences possible for our clients that have violated their parole. Contact us today for a consultation regarding your parole violation case.