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Juvenile Robbery Lawyer

In order to be charged with robbery in the state of North Carolina, the prosecution must prove that an act of larceny was committed paired with violence or the threat of violence to an individual. Robbery is considered a felony here in our state, and will be sentenced according to the severity of the circumstances of the crime itself and the criminal history of the accused.

If you or your loved one has been charged with robbery in the Raleigh area, contact our firm of Raleigh criminal lawyers immediately. A good defense attorney may be able to change the outcome of a given robbery case dramatically if they are appointed quickly after an arrest.

Our Raleigh Criminal Lawyer Finds Weaknesses in Evidence

Robbery charges depend on the prosecution’s ability to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant was indeed the robber and had the intent to actually commit the act of robbery. A skilled Raleigh criminal lawyer will carefully evaluate all of the evidence of the case (or lack thereof). If it cannot be proven that you the defendant was at the scene of the crime and actually committed an act of robbery and not larceny, a robbery charge will not stand through a trial.

In any criminal case, a lawyer’s responsibility is to ensure that the defendant is treated fairly under the law. The legislation regarding a specific act of robbery can often be dense and complicated. Our team of Raleigh criminal lawyers will take you step by step through your case to help you understand all of your charges at every point during the proceedings.

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